Brent Anderson Nathan Ryerson Friction Brewing

Simon with KC Bier Meisters.

Spencer Schaub Smoke Brewing

Brewer Spencer Schaub, Smoke Brewing.

Daniel Chivetta Cory Johnston Fields and Ivy Brewery
Daniel Chivetta Cory Johnston Fields and Ivy Brewery
Grant Waner, City Barrel

Travis Moore, co-owner and brewer, Torn Label Brewing.



Jared Wolfe Corey Zschoche Christopher Bench Callsign Brewing

Brian Rooney, co-owner and brewer, BKS Artisan Ales, and Alma Mader Brewing fan.

2021 Parkville Microbrew Fest

(Left) Brian Rooney of BKS Artisan Ales and Nigel Woodberry of Beers With Nigel podcast. 

(Left to right) Homebrewer Chandra Lane, Andy Dickson, and Tabri Dickson. 

Chris Meyers Brian Rooney

(Left to right) Chris Meyers, co-founder of Crane Brewing, and Brian Rooney, co-founder and brewer, BKS Artisan Ales.

Christie Merandino Transport Brewery

(Left) Christie Merandino, operations manager, and Sean Greenwood, co-owner and brewer, Transport Brewery. Read a profile of Christie in KC Ale Trail’s I Am Craft Beer series.

Colleen Lindsay and Aaron Gabler.

Jenalea Myers, taproom manager, Servaes Brewing, and Brian Terry.

Jeremy Kneeland The Goat Brewing Company

(Left) Jeremy Kneeland, owner and brewer, The Goat Brewing Company.

Joe Giammanco Benjamin Wood City Barrel Brewing

Joe Giammanco, co-owner, and Benjamin Wood, chef, City Barrel Brewing.

Karlton Grahm KC Bier Company

Karlton Graham, head brewer, Kansas City Bier Company.

Mike Olinger Kim Davis The Angry Swede Brewing
Megan and Kenneth Peterson

Megan Jones Peterson and Kenneth Peterson. 

Nick Applegate The Iowa Project

(Left to right) Melissa Simon, sales and marketing director, Emily Yeager, brewer, and Bryce Shaffter, owner, Cinder Block Brewery.

Read a profile of Melissa in KC Ale Trail’s I Am Craft Beer series.

Nigel Woodberry Beers With Nigel

(Left to right) Nick Mader, co-owner and brewer, Alma Mader Brewing, and Jeremy Danner, brand ambassador, 4 Hands Brewing.

(Left to right) Nick Mader, co-founder and brewer, and Michael Reynolds, brewer and cellarman, Alma Mader Brewing.

Nick Vaughn, head brewer, Martin City Brewing Company.

(Above) Pivo, brewdog, BKS Artisan Ales.

Stephanie Michaelis

Tanner Vaughn, brewer, Pathlight Brewing.

Tom Williams of Rosie, Arkansas, expert beer pourer, father of Mary Williams-Rooney, BKS Artisan Ales

Trent Wiegers, brewer, Rockcreek Brewing.

EXCERPT from a profile of Trent in KC Ale Trail. Read the full profile.

Brewer Trent Wiegers of Rockcreek Brewing Company has a soft-spoken, purpose-driven voice that unfurls like morning fog past his bushy mustache and beard. The kind of friendly but gently authoritative voice and demeanor you might expect from a forest park ranger. 
Close your eyes and trade his weathered Master Brewers Association of the Americas ballcap and tan Duluth Trading Company work overalls with a ranger’s broad-brimmed flat hat and gray shirt. You can picture him reminding you to leave no trace at your campsite and, hey, here’s a tip to find this little-known spot worth your while. 


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