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Ready to Roll, Jenna Munoz Entered Craft Brewing With Purpose And Hasn’t Stopped Since

Brewer Jenna Munoz glides into the taproom at Crane Brewing Company on lilac purple Jackson roller skates. Since she entered the craft brewing industry several years ago, moving with purpose is how she rolls.

Munoz and friend Caitlin Dunn have been roller skating this afternoon in the rear operations area of Crane Brewing in Raytown, Missouri. Ample, wide-open space around the brewhouse, canning equipment, barrel-aging room, and storage areas give them plenty of room to work up a sweat and practice. Munoz takes a break to sit, sip on beer, and reflect on her entry into the world of craft beer.

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Nearly 30 craft brewers and members of the Missouri Craft Brewers Guild (MCBG) met in July to develop the third beer in the Missouri Loves Company series. Piney River Brewing Company in Bucyrus, Missouri, served as the host brewery for the production of Cold IPA.

Cold IPA is a newish style of IPA that began popping up in early 2021. The moniker isn’t a reference to the beer’s serving temperature. Producing Cold IPA involves using pilsner malt, lager yeast, and adjuncts like rice or corn to lighten the body. The result yields an India Pale Ale that’s different from an India Pale Lager.

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